Wait One More Week

Well the time has finally come :)

The Mahon Report on government corruption will be released in early March, let that be the final word on it (please Sky-Fairy please).

So how do we know? Well the judges who drafted the Report have let it be known that they will be available to hear cases in early March – in other words, they will not be working the Tribunal any more, according to Paul Cullen of the Irish Times.

Judges Mary Faherty and Gerald Keys have informed court colleagues they will not be available to sit on the Circuit Court benches next week but should be available the following week, according to legal sources.

Ok, so it’s not definitive, the Fine Gael/Labour doppelgängers in government could sit on the Report for a while but the chances are I’ll be bringing an abridged version of the Tribunal’s findings to you very soon.

They have only occasionally presided in court during this time but are due to return to full-time court work once the tribunal report is published and its business completed.

Cullen mentions the Tribunal’s website being updated as another strong indication that the Tribunal Report is soon for this world.

The tribunal has recently updated its website, which has been dormant for three years, by removing the names of staff who no longer work at the inquiry. It is also believed the work of editing the multi-volume report has been completed.

I’ve been looking forward to this since 2007, so y’know…joy :D


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